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Innovators. Dreamers.

Liquid Beauty AI interface tracks the precise location of a user’s facial features and applies eye shadow colors directly on the video feed from a camera.


Liquid Beauty AI customers have access to sampling numerous cosmetic colors instantaneously and virtually simply by tapping on a shade palette on the Beauty Mirror screen. Users may preview unique textures of eye shadow including those with glitter, sparkle and shine elements.


Liquid Beauty AI 3D AR mirror is the world’s first photo-realistic 3D mirror, and is the result of over three years of research and development.


Liquid Beauty AI campaigns to utilize AR to create content-rich interactive experiences that are ideal for tech savvy consumers, who typically have shorter attention spans and do not respond as well to print or video advertising.

Liquid Beauty AI AR technology is ensuring that there’s value in the experience. Thus targeting demographics, we aim to create AR experiences that are fun, engaging and relevant to the audience we’re trying to reach.

AR Smart Mirrors: About Us
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